Video installation. “Fearfully Wonderfully Made 2010
Mixed Media – Cardboard, Paint, video projection, randomized image projection software.Featured in The Urbanity Project Shanghai.This is from an ongoing series of work entitled “transformation of the ordinary”. The piece is an investigation into perception of human value. Juxtaposing images of migrant peoples throughout China with bioinformatic charts regarding the structure of the human genome. These images are randomly projected upon a 30 x 8 foot background of cardboard boxes. As vessels which carry goods and services to and from the city they are discarded, re-sold,  recycled and overlooked disappering into the margins. In this case they have a main referential attribute. A necessity,  frequently related to but in most cases forgotten as a wonder of human design.

The work as a whole comprises varied layers of information relating to how , through our own investigation into the intimate details of human life , one can be inspired to re-evaluate purpose and bring into better focus, the value of humanity which is the cause and effect of the city in its varied functions and relationships.