Stephen Gleadow is a painter, sculptor, photographer and multimedia artist from the United States. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and has exhibited his work in various forms throughout the US and internationally. He is currently involved with various projects as an artist and curator in Beijing China.


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Regarding the Deluge Series.

The paintings make use of archetypical catalogs (encyclopedias) of our known and studied universe.  Through the process of drawing they seek to reform the material into reverberations of scientific and spiritual concepts relating to the visible and invisible cosmos.  The components of these works are both subconscious and conscious efforts allowing these aforementioned elements to emerge and become symbolic commentaries to narratives in celebrated spiritual texts as well as themes found in both spiritual and natural spaces.





Regarding The Sublimation Painting Series.

This ongoing series is the artist’s exploration of the generalized concept of sublimation and the transformation of the ordinary into the visually sublime.  Trace elements emerge as a language and disappear into the surface of the painting as a record of its structure passing from one layer to another. The mystery of these emanate through the palimpsest of process. Through this method, previous information in the work is wiped away or veiled to create a new experience through the procedure of layering. The work explores both macroscopic and microscopic space and the relationships that exist between the two.





From the flood Series— And The Yunnan Portrait Series

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